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The Factory

John Melbar

It is with heavy hearts we announce the unexpected passing of our beloved friend on May 16, 2016.  Not only will we miss the value of his work ethic and production; but the great overall human being that he was.  John was the most honest & loyal person that we could have ever had the privilege to work for this company; and we owe everything to him after the disastrous year of 2014.   His shoes will never be able to be filled...

John had lived and worked on the streets of Covina in the San Gabriel Valley. John specializes in specializing. Within the past almost 10 years he was with the company, he had gone from small means to having and respecting a life worth living. He was the in-house machinist whom worked side by side with Dan.  He greatly contributed to the improvement of our technologies. He brought great thought and hard work to the table.  

"Dan gave me a chance and that has changed my life." ~John

He would always say that Tattooing saved his life...
We pray that the Tattoo gods are watching over your soul.

R.I.P. Our Chief

Steven Beltran

Steve began an apprenticeship under Dan Dringenberg of October 2014.  Over the last year + he has acquired knowledge & skills in machinery work, hand-winding coils, to the complete assembly and tuning of machines.  He has become a valuable asset to the company & his eagerness to learn & respect for the industry/company is valued & appreciated.  Not to mention he has the most contagious laugh!

Laura Dringenberg

Dan & Laura were married in August 2014.  Laura moved from her home in Canada and began working at Dringenberg & Co.  Being in this environment, she has grown an appreciation for tattooing and decided she wanted to pursue cosmetic tattooing.  Under the guidance of Sidney Le (Sacramento), she is now trained in ombre powder brow technique as well as microblading (IG: @workofarch_by_laura).  You can also find Laura performing tooth gem applications at conventions, Sweet Tooth Cali (IG: @sweet.tooth.cali).  She is the face behind most social media postings and company emails!