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Dan Dringenberg

Dan Dringenberg
American born tattooist, Dan Dringenberg is a master tattoo machine builder. As a tattooist and machinist, Dan combines his knowledge of how to create a clean tattoo with how the proper tools contribute to each job's success. His customer base in the United States & Europe attests to the appeal of his craftsmanship and style.
As a child Dan and his brother Rob made a tattoo shop in the their bedroom closet. As a teen, Dan began to hang around Fat George's Tattoo Shop in La Puente, CA. As he began to learn the art of tattooing, he would eventually teach himself how to tune a tattoo machine. George, impressed with his mechanical instinct, offered these words "..As long as you live, there will always be a need for good tattoo equipment.."
Inspired by that, Dan began making tubes and machines out of his father's garage in 1992. One tube, then one machine. His hard work and perseverance led him to where he is today.
Dan's history as a tattoo machine builder is outstanding. Recognized as a major influence to other top tattoo machine builders in the industry today. He has established himself as a machinist of considerable importance.
His career tattooing led him to work at Classic Tattoo in Upland CA, Old Pasadena Tattoo in Pasadena CA, with Bob Roberts at Spotlight Tattoo in Hollywood CA, with Juan Puente and Chris Garver at Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood CA, and Inflictions Body Art in Covina CA.
Few tattoo machine builders bridge the gap of integrating new ideas and moving beyond the simple assembly of machines so successfully. Dan lists Paul Rogers, Scott Sterling, Amund Dietzel, Bill Jones, Percy Waters among his prime influences for tattoo machine building. 
He began traveling the tattoo convention circuit with Corey Miller, Juan Puente, and Running Bear to name a few. In 1996, he incorporated Dringenberg Tattoo Equipment. Unfortunately his rise to success was interrupted by a mistake that cost him a few years of his life.
In 2000 Dan got his chance to start again. First he made 50 tubes then 100. He worked hard and continued to pursue his dream; to make the best tattoo equipment he could possibly make.
In addition to tattooing and making tattoo machines full time, he continues to take part in the convention circuit, Both United States and Europe.
In 2003 Dan moved his machine shop to a larger more self-reliant space. As his career moves forward, Dan draws upon the same love of tattooing and machine building that has always filled his style and craftsmanship.
Dan is truly a creative force in the tattoo industry.

Henk Schiffmacher about Dan Dringenberg
"Dringenberg - the new Paul Rogers! - is one of the many things said about this wizard. A mad science practiser who put just that in a machine what it needs. Makes it run to your perfection, goes like a hot bowy knife through a pack of butter, carves a line into a rhino, decorates the wings of a butterfly. The tool thats built only for the real ones, a real tattoo machine. Not a fucking gun, but an instrument to enter the skin to decorate, the human canvas. A machine that will have a relationship with its user, the experienced tattoo artist. The electric brush for a poor mans Rembrandt. The time machine which will take you to a higher ground. A treasure you will put in your testament, if not taking with you in your coffin, ony to be taken from your cold hands. Like a dirty mind, a joy forever. Danny, the modern day Merlin will share his knowledge with you in a serie of seminars: on machine maintenance and tuning, but also on building such a unique aparatus. Dates soon to be announced. Book as fast as possible, only a limited amount of trainees are allowed to make sure they get that attention they deserve. To get on the list for these seminars or for info: [email protected]
The ATM is proud to be the official dealer of Dan's miracles. Online or in the museum only for professionals. It does not have a price you have to offer the dirt of the earth, the profound amount of money for which we will give you the life long use of this tool with a soul. It will take care of you and so will you of this treasure. Those about to bleed, those about to be decorated with honorable tool, we salute!"

Tim Hendricks about Dan: “I have been fortunate enough to be passed down the art of building hand made tattoo machines from my mentor - Mr. Dan Dringenberg. Each one-off machine is carefully made to fit each artist. Thanks to Dan, I am able to create machines like this. Every part on my machines is custom made, the coils are hand wound and every piece is hand crafted with precision, care and patience.”