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The Fellowship Supply Co. Union presents Dan Dringenberg

Dan Dringenberg comes from a long line of Makers, building tattoo machines since he was 16 years old. He recalls staring out of his mom's car window as a kid, waiting to pass the tattoo shop in town on the way to his grandma's house. He was fascinated by this place and there was no where else he wanted to be. It was magic to him. The moment he was old enough, Dringenberg went into that tattoo shop and got a job. In this exclusive video, Fellowship visits Dringenberg's shop to provide a first hand look at the skills, the passion, and the genuine love that goes into a Dringenberg tattoo machine, ingredients that contribute to their durability and 10-15 year lifespan. "I studied tattoo machines the way I should have studied in school" Dringenberg says. Lucky for us, he chose the machines.

Dan Dringenberg for the Fellowship Supply Co. Foundry

Tattoo is a craft of tradition, one that is passed down through the generations, the magic of the mark celebrated on skin. The tattoo machines themselves are a part of this history for Dan Dringenberg of Dringenberg Co. Watch Dan Dringenberg take you through the tattoo machine building process in this video.